Football tracking sheets

Try our Weekly Picks Master Sheets where you can combine all of your participant's picks onto one sheet! Also check out our Pick'em Record Tracking Score Sheet, where you can keep track of the number of correctly picked games for the entire season. An Excel Sheet for keeping stats and charts for your League. Mostly automatic! I've been working hard on an Excel Workbook that will automatically update charts and stats for my league with just a few entries each week so that in the long run my workload on creating these is cut dramatically (this is a template that can be used year after year). What more, there are football pool templates where you can keep track on the different types of bets for the football pool party. > Tips with Football Pool & Grid Templates. The names of the teams should be written on top and on the left side of the football score sheet. The most usual pricing policy is 1.00 USD per square. GameGrade is a service that allows you to grade every last detail of a player's in-game performance from the first pitch to the final touchdown.