Sheet metal coil edge trimmers

Provides many of the same capabilities as the 9H-10, but for lighter duty operations. Can also be equipped for coil line operations. This machine is recommended for coil line applications where width adjustment is from a constant back edge. Jul 13, 2017 · On this episode of The Fab Forums I show you the technique used to create curved bends on sheet metal panels. Once you see the basic principals it actually a very simple process. Hope you dig it. Home / Roofing Tool Shop Roofing Tool Shop / The 5H Series edge finishing systems employ the same time-proven concept that made the original V-Series, one of the most popular machines of their type. Today, utilizing modern materials and the latest technology, the 5H Series is even better. They can be used to edge strip, blanks or placed in a coil line operation. Red Bud Industries offers a fully automated Coil Prestage & Load System for their Heavy Gage Coil Processing Lines. This system automatically advances prestaged coils and loads them onto a Dual Stub Uncoiler. The advanced system is comprised of an in-line Coil Prestaging System, integrated Coil Car, and Dual Stub Uncoiler. For over 75 years, Lockformer® has been the most recognized name in the sheet metal machinery industry. We have led the world in the production of HVAC rollforming equipment (such as our Lockformer Pittsburgh Machines) and Vulcan plasma cutting systems, plus the TDC® rollformer has revolutionized the ductwork connection method around the world.