Native american cultural region fact sheet

The Chickasaw Cultural Center offers a world of opportunity to learn and connect with Native American history. Watch the story of the Chickasaw people unfold before your eyes through powerful performances, reenactments, demonstrations, collections and exhibits at one of the largest and most extensive tribal cultural centers in the United States. Native American cooking tended to be simple. Most Native Americans preferred to eat their food very fresh, without many spices. All Native American people were very spiritual and they had many religious customs and rituals. They also had many gods. They believed in a special relationship with nature. For most, the sun was the supreme god. Native American culture is diverse and varies based on the tribe’s culture area, which impacts each tribe’s traditional modes of housing and transportation. English colonists preferred some Native American tribes over others, and today’s U.S. government requires a tribe to meet seven criteria to be federally recognized as such. Navajos are believed to have originally migrated from western Canada and belonged to an American Indian group called the Athabascans. According to some scientists, some Athabascan bands first came into the American Southwest around the year 1300. Some settled in southern Arizona and New Mexico and became the different Apache tribes.