Map of north carolina regions

In June 2016, approximately 64 kilometers (km) of riverbank were examined along the Tar and Neuse Rivers near Tarboro and Kinston, North Carolina, for evidence of liquefaction-forming earthquakes. The study area is in the vicinity of the Grainger’s fault zone in eastern North Carolina. Mar 30, 2016 · Proposed Regions. State law directs that there will be 6 Medicaid regions across North Carolina as part of the Medicaid reform plan. Beneficiaries will choose one Medicaid health care plan from several offered in the region where they live. There will be at least 4 Medicaid health care plans available in every region. Explore the Waterfalls of Western NC. The state of North Carolina is home to hundreds, if not thousands, of beautiful waterfalls, located mostly in its mountainous western area. And although many different natural attractions can be found in the Southern Applachian Mountain region, waterfalls have without a doubt become one of North Carolina's ... Regions: The physical features of North Carolina’s three main regions have affected people’s movement into, within, and out of the areas throughout history. The people who have lived in each area have shaped—and continue to influence—the distinct culture of the region.